Expanding the career horizons of history graduate students through Career Diversity for Historians
  • Reconsidering introductory college history courses to better serve students of all backgrounds
  • Defining the disciplinary core of historical study
  • Advancing the history discipline and promoting excellence in professional behavior, research, and teaching with widely cited AHA Statements and Standards of the Profession
  • Publishing analysis on the latest quantitative data on historians' education and careers
  • Advocacy

    A vocal public presence articulating the value of history and historical thinking

    Promoting the value of history education
    Providing historical perspectives on contemporary issues
    Supporting historians and safeguarding the relevance and usefulness of history in contemporary policy and civic life


    A platform for historians from all specializations and professions to discuss, disagree, and learn

    Everything Has a History: A Conversation between Jim Grossman and Tyler Stovall

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